Learn More About the Crystals

Raw Agate Druzy

Agate is balancing Yin/Yang energy, courage, protection. It is healing and also calming. Agate is a stone of strength. It enhances creativity while strengthening the intellect. Agate increases energy as needed as it is grounding.

Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz is a crystal of Harmony and Alignment. This particular Stone is a Citrine Spirit Quartz which varies in shades of yellow to gold and brown.  It allows for a more focused manifestation of one's goal. This stone purifies intent and increases the sense of self-worth and empowerment, giving access to true abundance.


Labradorite is a highly protective stone, creating a barrier to stop negative energy coming in. It heals wound from within, removing debris from previous disappointments or insecurities. It also increases faith and trust while strengthening physical, emotional and spiritual life.


Carnelian is warmth, strength, courage, creativity and also emotional balance and physical health. On another level, Carnelian purifies the blood and improves circulation which helps take action. Carnelian offers stability, grounding.

Golden Healer

Golden Healer raises vibrations and amplify intentions but also releases blockages present in the body and in our lives. It is an amazing crystal that heal us emotionally and physically, enhances joy, peace.

Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst cleanses and purifies the aura and has a high vibrational energy. It can enhance intuition and is a powerful stone for dissipation and repelling negativity. Also Chevron Amethyst helps people feel better by easing mental pain, relieving stress an easing tension.


Prehnite alleviates deep fears, uncovering and healing the disease that creates them. A stone for forgiveness and emotional balance. By healing the heart chakra, prehnite balances emotions and allows one to invite love and empathy into our heart.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline has strong protective attributes. It works as a pychic shield deflecting and dispelling the evil energies entering our space. It makes our surrounding peacegul and serene. a very useful property of the black tourmaline is its ability to protect against negative energies, psychic attacks and electromagnetic radiation.


Rough Blue Kyanite

Tiger's Eye