Veronique, Jewelery Designer

Veronique, Jewelery Designer
Veronique, our Jewellery Designer, was born in Paris from a Mauritanian father (West Africa) and a French mother in 1961, at a time when “ethnicity” was a silent concept.

"The search for my identity, as a mixed heritage young girl, living in a mainly White French environment, has been sometimes painful.

The intense need to integrate in a culture which was not fully mine was conflicting with this other side of who I am. Deep down, I was a loved but tormented child.

Then, I entered the Academic world, started studying Psychology, French Literature and came to London.

My journey to London opened my world. Jewellery is what I always considered as the most significant accessory in terms of the expression of who we are essentially. The introduction of raw material in their natural power and the art of assembling them with harmony gave birth to a unique and sensitive piece of jewellery.

Through my Jewellery, I met very interesting people of all ethnic and economic and social backgrounds and each of these people contributed to my growth and inspirational development.

It is in London that I found the strength and the inspiration to freely create a wide range of Jewellery with carefully chosen materials. I started using shells, wood, evolving in the world of stones and precious metals.

I had a wonderful little gallery where high-end African Art and Jewellery were subtly bonding in serenity, strength, and beauty.

My work talks to your “heart”.

Then, love has taken me to Los Angeles where I am now living and discovering a new sense of being. A new start, new energy, it feels like a third life where I am reaching a new level. I am now a member of a lapidary club which allows me to cut and polish my stones… I have a well equipped workshop here in Los Angeles where I produce all my work.

During this pandemic, I have been practising the silversmithing skills I acquired in a course in London in 2000 and finding new techniques within myself as I am exploring freely the endless and fascinating world of metal/crystal jewellery.

My Art is a fusion between the Soul of Africa and the Parisian elegance that screams in each pieces, the desperate pride. The richness and challenges of my dual heritage shines through the glow of a precious and timeless piece of Art, as in each piece of jewellery.

With my work, you are about to have a unique life journey, healing energy, beauty, and love."